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Jessica was the luckiest lil’ dame in the whole broad world! Her mommy was going to make her the yummiest cake as a surprise, and her step-dad was on distraction duty.

He went upstairs to her room, and caught a peek of her changing before he entered. He asked Jessica what she wanted to do for her off the hook day.

Turns out Jessica was too older for her Mommys overplayed surprises. She knew everything to come and stopped her stepparent right in his tracks.

She also determined that since she was eighteen now, she was elder enough to receive her daddys penis. Boy was it wrong, but what daddy could refuse his daughters ideally fresh legal year elder cunny?

They smashed each other bimbo in the living apartment as mother baked her exclusive bday cake just down the corridor.

Fine thing Mommy didnt over ice the cake, because Jessica sure had enough to cater to a entire soiree.

Blessed birthday Jessica!

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