Family incest flick – The Stretch And Swap!

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The new year has come, kicking off Audrey and Kara on their aim to get in finer shape.

Everyday they go for a run around the surroundings and do some yoga after.

They are usually on their own for this, but today both their dads had the day of from work and were just chilling at home.

The girls noticed their dads peeking at their opens up from the corridor, and they determined to invite them over to maybe assist.

These papas changed daughters and embarked to open up them out. One of them even popped a beef whistle, and the chicks were remarkably not creeped out at all. Turns out they were actually sexually aroused.

In part one, Kara is escorted by Audreys parent to the other room where she begins to blow his mature manhood.

She has never had such an old pipe before, and the sensing of it throbbing in her labia made her assets quake.

Before she knew it, Karas face was caked in jizz and she couldnt help but wonder whats in store for her next exercise…

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